About us



Wholefort is born out of the need to promote the extraordinary benefits of Peruvian organic superfoods.

We are a family initiative sustained in principles of honesty and fair trade that seeks to bring to you wholesome alternatives extracted from organic roots which are non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan, proven to remarkably benefit your nutritional habits, therefore improving your health and lifestyle.




The path to Peruvian Superfoods


Peru, a country blessed with natural wonders, ancient knowledge and wisdom from past civilizations of warriors, incommensurate natural diversity and many more attributes that would require thousands of pages to describe them all, is the place where this family initiative is born.

The Willfort and Gölz families found each other since childhood times, in the beautiful region of Arequipa in Peru, and grew up together in their appreciation for such natural richness of the Peruvian soil.

Our founder’s consciousness of the richness at hand, and their commitment to support local farmers in growing their region’s native plants and vegetables, combined with their enthusiasm for promoting the health and nutritional benefits of Peruvian aboriginal produce, led this family group to set up a platform that would enable the trade of extraordinary organic superfood items.

Wholefort, Inc. is then established to introduce to the marketplace the remarkable health benefits of Peruvian products, that in conjunction with applying fair trade practices in their initiatives involving local farmers in the region of Arequipa, provides an excellent opportunity to enhance the economy of communities in Peru suffering implausible poverty and exploitation.




Andreas Willfort & Hans Gölz


Andreas and Hans grew up in the region of Arequipa in Peru. Their childhood was surrounded by nature and fun fishing trouts at the banks of the Chili River, searching for treasures inside the coves of Matarani with his siblings and friends.

This was a time that enabled Hans to become a curious researcher, and with time he became involved with the Coca Research Institute, studying the benefits of native plants and produce in the region of Arequipa. His findings motivated him to create Wholefort, in association with his childhood friend, Andreas Willfort.

“This time we have to do something! It’s time to finally fulfill the wish to build an enterprise that would promote Peruvian superfoods, but through it also demonstrate how things can be done differently, with honest work that would provide fair conditions to farmers and produce growers.”




Peru’s rich soil is the origin of valuable crops available worldwide, to include an extensive variety of potatoes, corn, tomatoes, pumpkins, beans, peanuts, and ananas, to mention a few, as well as extraordinary medicinal plants which active sources (chemical components) are extracted due to their uppermost and fundamental importance in medicine. For example, the main component of extracted elements from the quinina tree growing in the Peruvian forest is a bottom line component of malaria control medications produced since the XVII century.

As we continued to learn about Pre-Incan plants and produce, we experienced growing up and as adults the astonishing effects and nourishing qualities of such foods. Let’s take purple corn, for example: Purple corn is used to brew a refreshing and tasty beverage –called “Chicha Morada” –, which is consumed in almost every home and restaurant, and for which we have always known to be very effective in lowering high blood pressure. We tried it, and it definitely works!

A fascinating fact about purple corn is that is scientifically demonstrated that its high contents of Anthocyanin constitute a powerful antioxidant or free radical scavenger. Surprisingly, its antioxidant benefits are more effective than those of blueberries or acai. READ ABOUT BENEFITS >

Yacon is as well without doubt an amazing asset in the discovery of alternative remedies for common digestive problems and popular illnesses such as diabetes. Its high content of Fructo Oligosaccharides (FOS) constitutes an extraordinary prebiotic that tremendously improves the digestive function, as FOS feed healthy bacteria in our system that supports supports immunity, digestive health,  regularity, weight management, and insulin production in diabetics. LEARN THE FACTS >


And this is just the beginning of astonishing discoveries to share with our customers and the many ones we seek to benefit with the richness of Peruvian superfoods.