Yacon...the secret to improve your gut health

Yacon...the secret to improve your gut health
From low-calorie content to high fiber, Yacon is a tuberous root similar to a sweet potato that can help bring balance to gut health.
This ancient root consumption is dated as far back as the Moche era (700 BCE) taking part in sacred ceremonies in the Inca Empire celebrations. Once considered as mystical food now its benefits are backed up by science.
Yacon can be eaten raw and is very refreshing, the reason for which the Andean people consider it as a fruit. Unlike other tubers, its calorie content is very low, because it has a special type of sugar, a sugar that cannot be digested by humans, called Fructooligosaccharides (FOS). 
FOS have huge benefits on human health, that is because FOS are considered soluble dietary fiber (SDF). 
SDF is a type of sugar that is not absorbed but rather fermented in our gut, a synonym of SDF is called prebiotic, and Yacon has the highest known natural contents of FOS. 
Prebiotics directly nourish and strengthen the good bacteria in our guts, boosting a series of healthy processes in the body, as we’ll explain in future posts. 
Studies are showing the relation between gut (microbiota) and brain processes that regulate other body functions. This connection is being called in the scientific world as the Gut-Brain Axis, with the gut being considered a second nervous system. Chronic illnesses like Depression, Alzheimer's, AHD, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and even Diabetes, are being found to have a relation with gut microbiota imbalances.
Yacón’s FOS have been demonstrated to be very effective to correct constipation.
When we get out of shape and we start adding a few pounds or eating processed food, we develop in our gut a state called dysbiosis, that means that there is an imbalance favoring bad gut bacteria, and this is where Yacon’s FOS content shines like no other, aiding in the growth of good bacteria.
Gut microbiota profile is responsible for many complex hormone regulations, so it’s crucial to promote SDF  ingestion, Yacon not only is an excellent source but with the added benefit of very-low-calorie content, making it an excellent option for those who want to control its caloric daily intake and want to boost its gut health.

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