Take care of yourself, take care of your love ones.

Take care of yourself, take care of your love ones.

We have talked about Yacon's Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) in the past. We all know they're excellent, if not the best prebiotic aid. They stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut extensively.  

FOS are unique indigestible sugars, meaning they can not be broken down by our digestive system. Nutritionally speaking, they are fiber, and until recent years, dietary fiber's role in human health took a pivotal turn. 

The discovery of indigestible sugars in human breast milk revealed the importance of fiber in healthy gut bacteria development to the medical community. Human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) are an essential breast milk component, just as important as breast lactose, lipids, and antibodies. As a whole, this composition provides the infant with all the necessary nutrients to thrive.  

Several studies have reported the health benefits of HMOs. Those health benefits include the modulation of beneficial gut bacteria, anti-adhesive effect against pathogens, modulation of the intestinal cell response, and proper immune system development.  




One fundamental discovery was the connection in the amount and diversity of HMOs in the mothers. Data showed a link determined by the mothers' dietary background, as there are HMO secretors or non-secretors.  

The non-secretor mothers secrete lower HMOs than secretor mothers. The reason behind this was attributed to an insufficient concentration of beneficial bacteria profile in the mother's gut. Because in contrast, a  higher presence of beneficial bacteria was seen in HMO secretor mothers.  

The breastfed infants of secretor mothers can gain more health benefits than those of non-secretor mothers. The survival advantage of breastfed infants is known for a long time ago. In fact, breastfed infant's bacterial stool composition has been studied and been reported to be different from that of formula-fed infants.  

“Insufficient concentration of beneficial bacteria  profile in the mother’s gut can have a detrimental  impact on the infant’s overall health“ 

A healthy gut bacteria profile protects the infant against pathogens by various mechanisms such as enhancing the immune development and stimulating the digestive and metabolic functions. HMO's poor nourishment in early life is a risk factor for immune-mediated diseases,  such as allergy and asthma, and intestinal and metabolic diseases.  

Although synthetic non-human oligosaccharides production is a safe alternative supplement for infant formulas, the health benefits are not as optimal as those infants breastfed. 



Healthy nutrition needs to be seen not just as a temporary diet-solution but rather embrace it as a lifestyle. Nutrition impacts all stages of life.  

Today we learned its importance before and during pregnancy. 

At Wholefort, we care about your wellness and for those future love ones by providing you the best nutritional profile products to enhance your overall health. 

Antonio Gomez, RDN, Nutritionist at Wholefort 

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