Gut health leads to a better antioxidants absorption!!!

Gut health leads to a better antioxidants absorption!!!

In previous posts, we’ve talked about how soluble dietary fiber like Yacon consumption can increase good bacteria in our gut, a rise in numbers of these strains in the main mechanism in which gut health is starting to show. 

Recent research is looking closer at good bacteria, and how it can increase or decreased food absorption, the evidence shows that metabolism reactions that reach the intestinal microbiota are key determinants regarding the ability of a person to get the most out of nutrients. 

The intestinal microbiota is the scientific term for gut bacteria, the microbiota is located mostly at the second portion of the digestive tract called large intestine, the first part of the digestive tract is called small intestine and this is where almost all food is absorbed. 

When resistant molecules such as soluble dietary fiber can not be absorbed, they reach the second portion of the intestinal tract where gut bacteria comes into action, depending on the profile of ingested food is the type of biodiversity of bacteria that takes place, processed food and/or refined sugars leads to a raise of bad bacteria, on the other hand food rich in fiber as fruits, vegetables or cereals without fat like Yacon increases good bacteria.

Regarding antioxidants, we’ve discussed previously their overall health impact, literature shows that these molecules are somehow difficult to absorb, and sometimes in very low doses they do not even get absorbed.

New findings in obese people have shown that these populations have trouble absorbing antioxidant, and the main reason for that is due to bad gut bacteria profile, is well known that people with overweight have poor diversity of good bacteria. 


See, good bacteria help the body to better absorb antioxidants, these are because these bacteria strands are able to metabolize polyphenols (antioxidants) whereas bad bacteria can not. 

Therefore, consumption of food with high levels of polyphenols like purple corn, together with having appropriate gut microbiota diversity, is an excellent combo for health wellness, one amazing reason to consume Yacon and purple corn on the daily basis. 

So there you have it, now we know the extraordinary benefits of these two functional foods, that not only bring nutrients to our body but can enhance it with added benefits such as soluble fiber and antioxidants. 

One strategical nutritional approach we recommend is to consume our Yacon cereal in the mornings and our chicha cereal in the evenings, in this way you let Yacon nourish your gut trough the day and at night absorb the best out of chicha ́s antioxidants. 

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