Quinoa M + Maca 1.5 oz
Quinoa M + Maca 1.5 oz
Quinoa M + Maca 1.5 oz
Quinoa M + Maca 1.5 oz
Quinoa M + Maca 1.5 oz
Quinoa M + Maca 1.5 oz
Quinoa M + Maca 1.5 oz
Quinoa M + Maca 1.5 oz
Quinoa M + Maca 1.5 oz
Quinoa M + Maca 1.5 oz
Quinoa M + Maca 1.5 oz
Quinoa M + Maca 1.5 oz

Wholefort Inc

Quinoa M + Maca 1.5 oz

More minerals, more energy, more focus; our healthy and delicious quinoa & maca puffs bring the power of ancient Peruvian superfoods to your breakfast table.


Gluten Free



Nutritional Facts

Made exclusively from Quinoa, harvested using sustainable agricultural practices. Without fillers, preservatives colors, and flavors. Slightly sweetened with Panela. No sugar.

Approximately value per serving 25g (90 calories)

Dietary Fiber
Fat (0% saturated fat)

2 Ingredients, Many Benefits

Quinoa is a super-healthy alternative to rice and corn. It naturally contains fiber (of course), but also a suprising amount of protein and a flurry of antioxidants and other nutrients that are extremely beneficial to our health.

Plant-Based Protein

Quinoa is one of the few natural sources of plant-based protein. If you are a vegan or just trying to eat less meat, quinoa fulfills your nutritional needs - at a much lower cost to the environment.

Healthy Bones

Quinoa is rich in calcium, which helps strengthen your bones and keep them healthy.

High nutrients, low calories

Quinoa leaves you feeling energized for the day without having to worry about your diet!

Stay Healthy, Long-Term

Quinoa is full of antioxidants, which help your body fight inflammation, heart disease, and other diseases.

The Healthiest Topping

Whether you mix it with your morning muesli, to top off a bowl of fresh fruit, or to season a delicious smoothie, our natural quinoa cereal provides all the energy and nutrients you need for a productive and healthy day.

Quick & Healthy

A healthy breakfast is the best way to achieve your gols for the day. Start your day full of healthy energy with a quick quinoa muesli.

Our Customers

Read actual testimonials from happy, healthy Wholefort customers. We are always happy to read about our products' impact on a happy customer's health.

Wholefort - Healthy Peruvian Superfoods

It has always been our mission to provide health-consious people with natural alternatives to the sugar-loaded cereals in our grocery aisles.

Our founders, Andreas and Hans, grew up in the region of Arequipa in Peru. Their love for the natural treasures surrounding them lead to research on the health benefits of Peruvian superfoods and culminated in the creation of Wholefort.

Unlock Your Productivity

A healthy diet is the key to a productive life. Our granola mix is full of natural nutrients that keep disease away and give you healthy energy throughout the day. Click the button below to try our granola mix today and unlock the benefits of Peruvian superfoods in your daily life.

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