Quinoa + Maca 9oz
Quinoa + Maca 9oz
Quinoa + Maca 9oz
Quinoa + Maca 9oz
Quinoa + Maca 9oz
Quinoa + Maca 9oz
Quinoa + Maca 9oz
Quinoa + Maca 9oz
Quinoa + Maca 9oz
Quinoa + Maca 9oz
Quinoa + Maca 9oz
Quinoa + Maca 9oz

Wholefort Inc

Quinoa + Maca 9oz

More minerals, more energy, more focus; our healthy and delicious quinoa & maca puffs bring the power of ancient Peruvian superfoods to your breakfast table.


Gluten Free



Nutritional Facts

Made exclusively from natural ingredients: (Quinoa, Maca). Without fillers, preservatives colors, and flavors. 

Approximately value per serving 45g

Added Sugar
Dietary Fiber
Saturated Fat

Keepin' it healthy - 3 Ingredients Only

We keep it simple and healthy - our delicious and healthy quinoa & maca mix is made from just 3 natural ingredients.


Quinoa is a natural source of fiber, protein, and other nutrients, such as magnesium, zinc, and iron


Maca is not only rich in minerals (phosphorus, magnesium and iron to name a few) but also contains a ton of vitamins (B1, B2, C, and E).


We add a little sugar to make the whole mix more delicious. Nothing compared to what you'll find in your average cereal box. But eating has to be fun too, right? :)

Healthy Breakfast & Snack

Whether you mix it with your morning muesli or to top off a bowl of fresh fruit, our natural quinoa cereal provides all the energy and nutrients you need for a productive and healthy day.

Healthy Muesli

Mix our quinoa cereal with your morning muesli for a natural source of protein and fiber.

Our Customers

Read actual testimonials from happy, healthy Wholefort customers. We are always happy to read about our products' impact on a happy customer's health.

Wholefort - Healthy Peruvian Superfoods

It has always been our mission to provide health-consious people with natural alternatives to the sugar-loaded cereals in our grocery aisles.

Our founders, Andreas and Hans, grew up in the region of Arequipa in Peru. Their love for the natural treasures surrounding them lead to research on the health benefits of Peruvian superfoods and culminated in the creation of Wholefort.

Unlock Your Productivity

A healthy diet is the key to a productive life. Our quinoa cereal is full of natural nutrients that keep disease away and give you healthy energy throughout the day. Click the button below to try our quinoa cereal today and unlock the benefits of Peruvian superfoods in your daily life.

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